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 Quality in Corporate Communication


The SPS Communication is a media relations and communication consulting firm. It started its operations in 1991. It has wide experience in the corporate sector, both in the institutional area and in the support to marketing activities.

It provides services to companies in different sectors, as well as operates nationwide and with international vehicles in all media segments: economics, business, technology, education, science, health, environment, social responsibility, culture, sports, behavior and others.  

SPS also provides tracking of issues and media analysis, management of emergency and crisis communications, contents production and publishing, media training and communication planning. It operates with its own team of journalists and manages outsourced services in special projects.
The professionals’ profile and work methodology at SPS ensure the provision of qualified services. The work is done proactively, from the understanding of the client’s communication goals. The strategies, targets and actions are subjected to regular monitoring and planning, for path adjustment and reprogramming.

The service is accomplished through regular meetings and ongoing coverage of the client needs. A statement of account is provided monthly, including reports of activities undertaken and results achieved, with demonstration of cost-benefit analysis based on parameters agreed upon with the client.


  What We Do


Press relations
Press relations is our main activity.

  • Formulation of press strategies
  • Examination of information, writing and broadcasting of news
  • Organization and preparation of interviews
  • Monitoring of the the media
  • Consolidation of the client’s relationship with the media

Communication consultancy

We seek to meet the client’s demands and expectations with the use of effective strategies and actions.

  • Image auditing
  • Formulation and management of surveys
  • Policies of communication
  • Monitoring and evaluation of  actions

Communication planning

We understand planning as an ongoing process of formulation, implementation and evaluation.

  • Diagnosis
  • Inventory of communication activities
  • Recognition of goals
  • Setting targets, strategies and instruments
  • Execution and evaluation of the plan

Monitoring of media issues
and media analysis
Online media monitoring and reporting in order to keep track of the customer's image, market, competitors and other topics of interest.

  • Identification and selection of information
  • Production of summaries
  • Warnings for the client
  • Evaluation, interpretation and analysis
  • Formulation of periodic reports and special issues.

Management of emergencies and crises

We offer support for communication crisis management and sensitive situations.

  • Preparation of manual, and emergency and crisis plan
  • Organization of  the emergency and crisis committee
  • Prevention and diagnosis
  • Carrying out of press relations
  • Provision of advice on other agents to pressure

Content production and publishing

We develop the editorial planning, produce texts and other contents. Besides, we edit corporate media.

  • Websites
  • Digital and printed newsletters
  • Folders
  • Articles
  • Presentations
  • Annual Reports

Media training

Training of spokespeople for press relations, crisis and emergency management.

  • Guidance on the relationship with the press
  • Tools for media relations office
  • Simulation of interviews

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